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Paul Laney
165 Milford Road, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
(207) 215 5065
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Email: laneyplott

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Maine Black Bear Hunting

Laney's Guide Service is located in the town of Grand Lake Stream. It is a sportsman's paradise and a Mecca for Maine black bear hunting, Maine bobcat hunting, whitetail deer, landlocked salmon and lake trout fishing and other outdoor activities. We specialize in black bear hunting over bait and with dogs and bobcat hunting with hounds, but that is just the beginning of the world class hunts and fishing trips we offer.

Much of our guiding, both hunting and fishing, takes place on land managed by the Downeast Lakes Land Trust and the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust. These woods and waters are managed and protected for sustained hunting and game populations now and forever. The Grand Lake Stream region is an active forest with sustainable forest management. This continuing harvest and sound forest practice provides ample food sources for black bear and whitetail deer. It also provides great cover for small game which leads to high bobcat numbers. Eastern Maine has seen an increase in black bear the past few years, and here at Laney's Guide Service we have harvested some of the largest on record in Maine, with bears from 490 to 605 lbs. taken in the past few years. Guiding is our passion. It's not a hobby. It's not a part time job. It is our job! We live in the woods and spend every day of the year in the field, searching for wildlife, game trails, etc. All this helps to ensure quality black bear hunting and bobcat hunting for you. Here at Laneys Guide Service you are more than just a number. You are friends who share our passion for the outdoors, the thrill of the chase, and a quality hunt. This and our high hunting success rate is what keeps our clients coming back. Our 85% repeat clientele list speaks for itself.

Maine bobcat hunting

We have had 100% success on bobcat hunts for nine years straight. In 2005 we harvested 34 bobcats, in 2006, 24, in 2007, 26 and in 2008, 18. Our dogs are the best in the business and continue to produce satisfied hunters every week of the season.

Member - Ruffed Grouse Society Member - Woodie Wheaton Land Trust Member - Downeast Lakes Land Trust
Member - Maine Professional Guides AssociationMember - Maine Trappers AssociationMaine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Get your hunting or fishing license online.  

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