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Bobcat Hunts with Hounds

Maine bobcat hunting is our specialty. My father started chasing bobcats with hounds in Maine back in the sixties, and is still doing it today. Maine bobcat hunting is by far the most challenging hunt offered in the state. They live in the thickest cover there is and at times the hunt can be extremely difficult, but that makes the harvest all that much more rewarding. There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of a bobcat pacing across a fresh covering of snow in the wintertime in Maine. Our hounds are as good as they come. We run them only on bobcats, with young dogs being started to keep hunt success going for years to come. We will hunt wherever the snow conditions are best during the week you have booked. Maine bobcat hunting is very dependent on snow conditions in any given location. Instead of being stuck in one location like many lodge owners, I have camps that we can hunt out of statewide. I hunt cats every day of the season, from December 1 to February 14, to ensure that the dogs are in top shape, which will ensure quality Maine bobcat hunting for you. We utilize snowmobiles, vast woods road networks and GPS collars to make the hunt as easy as possible for you, the client. Two hunters per week maximum with a $500 deposit required per hunter when booking.

Rates: $2500 per hunter
for a five day hunt

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