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Grouse and Woodcock Hunting

Downeast Maine and Southern Aroostook County offer some of the finest grouse hunting and woodcock hunting in the Northeast. You can hunt over our dogs or bring your own. We only take a few hunters per day to give you the full experience and most opportunities for shots. The Grouse population depends on the weather we have in the springtime, but good gunning is always found and the shooting gets better as the month goes on, as the leaves begin to fall. We are located on the eastern side of Maine, so we receive great woodcock flight all season long. The season was recently extended to November 15th which gives us two more weeks of great gunning. Along with great upland hunting, the scenery is breathtaking. And if you love fly fishing, bring your fly rod. Grand Lake Stream offers catch and release fishing until October 20th.

Rates: $400 per day

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