Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding

Q: Should I bring my dog’s food?
A: Bringing food for your dog is not necessary unless he is on a prescription or homemade diet. We feed Eagle Pack in the kennel with no digestive issues. If you do bring your dog’s food, it must be in meal size portions in plastic bags with his name on them.
Q: Can I bring toys for my dog?
A: We will accept one toy but you assume full responsibility for it and understand that it may get lost. It is our experience that most dogs ignore their toys until they are leaving.
Q: Can I bring something with my scent on it?
A: We have had negative experiences with dogs and articles with the owner’s scent and therefore do not accept these things.
Q: Will my dog get to play with other dogs?
We do not mix dogs from different families unless both owners request it.
Q: May I bring my dogs bed?
A: You may bring your dog’s bed but you assume full responsibility for its condition at the end of your his stay.
Q: Can I bring a bone for my dog?
A: We do allow bones unless the dog is a guarder.