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From our trails in Beddington you can connect with other clubs' trails and travel to Madawaska, Grand Lake Stream, Machias, the Down East Sunrise Trail and many trails leading north and in all other directions.

Our meetings are held 2nd Sat. in season at The Beddington Fire, House/ Town Building located on Rte. 193 in Beddington. Meetings begin at 6 pm and everyone is welcome.

For any questions please call any of the numbers listed and someone will help you.

Pres. Frank Janusz - 454-8133
V. Pres. Peter Poors - 460-4474
Sec/Treas. Maryann Janusz - 454-8133
Co- trailmasters - David Bridges and Peter Poors - 460 -4474

Mailing Information:
Club business - Maryann Janusz, 154 Lakeview La, Crawford, Maine 04694

Sharon Poors, 23 Poors Way, Ellsworth, Maine 04605

Welcome to the web page for the Airline Swamp Donkey ATV Club! The club was formed in 2009 as the Airline Snackbar ATV Club. When a visitor from New Jersey saw a moose walking down the Stud Mill Road when out for a ride, he asked his uncle if that was a donkey. With a laugh his uncle replied, "Yes, we call them swamp donkeys." This is not an uncommon nickname for the moose family, and the club members thought it was pretty funny. It was decided to use the phrase as a nickname for our club, and we have since shortened it up, and “The Swamp Donkey ATV Club" was born! People really remember that name.

We maintain over 100 miles of trails in the Beddington area on Rte. 9 here in Maine, mostly on the lands of AFM forestry company. The company has asked us to maintain the bridge at a maximum width of 60 inches. You should keep this in mind when planning your ride. The trails combine dirt roads through blueberry barrens, over mountains and hills, through forested lands and by scenic lakes and rivers. Wildlife abounds; deer, moose, beaver, coyote, eagles, turtles, bears and so much more.

We are kept busy working on the trails, brushing, clearing, signing and building bridges. It is important to stay on marked trails in order to keep using them.


Weather Report


We will be opening our trails this afternoon. There are still some areas that will be closed due to water in the road, washouts or soft , rutted up areas. Please watch for these signs and do not go on these trails. The more you ride on closed trails, the longer they are going to stay closed. There is a tremendous amount of time and work needed to get them back to safely passable as per request of the landowners. There may still be some trails closed north of the stud mill road. Check with the clubs in that area to be sure.


Be aware that the club will need time to get out there and clear downed limbs and mud holes, you can help by just picking up branches if you see them and getting them off the trails, brushing back and avoiding water holes so we can get them drained off. We cannot stress enough that riders MUST stay off the blueberry fields at all times. There is no faster way to lose a trail than to run over the crops!

This page is still a work in progress. Thanks for your patience. More will be coming. We will post as soon as we hear the trails have opened.

Sharon, for the Swamp Donkeys!

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