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Club Ride Photo

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New Trail Groomer

Club Officers:

President: Frank Janusz
V. Pres.: Peter Poors
Sec/Treas.: Maryann Janusz
Co trailmasters: Peter Poors and
David Bridges
Correspondance: Sharon Poors


Every 2nd Sat. in season
Held at Beddington Town
Bldg. on Rte. 193 just off Rte. 9, at 6pm

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Welcome to the Airline Riders Snowmobile Club website.

We are located near Rt 9 in the Beddington area, and meet every second Saturday of the month at the town office building on Rte 193 at 6 pm. Everyone is welcome. The club was started way back in 1987 and had a few slow years before getting back in action after the purchase of the Airline Snackbar by Frank and Maryann Janusz. Newer grooming equipment was acquired and several members took part in the official state groomer operator licensing program.

Snow has been a little scarce so far, but we are hoping for more as the season progresses. Our trails are not really ready yet for riding, only a few small areas had enough to ride on last week, and with the recent rain (again) they won’t be trail worthy.

There were quite a few trees down in the trails but we think we got them all out. Remember to use caution going around corners where you can’t see what’s ahead, and always remember not to drink and drive and maintain a safe speed. Better to see the scenery than become part of it! Always make sure someone knows where you are planning on going and your expected return time in case you run into trouble. Use caution when approaching wildlife, and DO NOT HARASS them. The wardens take a dim view of that and it can be dangerous as well.

New members receive a map of trails put together by local clubs and the information is as up to date as they can make it. You also receive membership in the state wide MSA, Maine Snowmobile Association, they have a wealth of information on their website. AFM, the property owner for most of our trails, frequently has active logging in the woods, so please watch for signs and stay on marked trails. If you come upon equipment working, remember they always have the right of way, and make sure the operator sees you before you attempt to pass by.

For trail information, you can call Pete at 460-4474, Frank at 454-813 or Maryann at 546-1178. Pete's email is Stop by if you can for a meeting. We'll be happy to see you.

Ride safely and be considerate of others. Be sure to dress for the weather, and bring extra essentials like warm clothing, snacks and gas. It’ s always a good idea to be prepared for “just in case!”


Pete has been out grooming yesterday and again today. Friday he did ITS 84W from the Ranger Station where our groomer shed is, to the Stud Mill Rd. Today he is working on ITSN from the shed to where we meet up with the Grand Lake Stream area groomers. There are some areas that are pretty rough still, and he had to cut a lot of trees off the trail that had come down over the winter.

This is the first time all season there has been enough snow to get anywhere from our starting place. Hopefully we won’t have more rain or very warm temperatures and it will hold for a while.

Please ride carefully and stay aware of your surroundings. Watch your speed and any water crossings. Questions? Call Frank at 454-8133 or Pete at 460-4474

The MSA has information on trails state wide, a good source to check before you head out. Be sure to prepare for the weather and for unplanned events, extra clothes, water, food, and gas.

Watch your speed and be considerate of other riders. Stay to the right.

Meetings start at 6 pm on second Saturdays in season.

The parking lot at the Forestry Station has been plowed for snowmobile parking. Please be courteous and leave room for others.

Frank: 454-8133
Pete: 460-4474

Please remember to stay off the blueberry fields! There is no faster way to lose trails than to damage land owner property. Stay on the marked or groomed trails.

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