Airline Lodge and Snackbar, Beddington, ME
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Update for Airline Snackbar ATV Swamp Donkeys

May 12, 2018
Next meeting July 14
Our May 12th meeting was held at the diner on Route 9 at 6pm.  Current primary household members are 74 with another 10 associate members.  

During the trail master report, the general opinion was that not too much had to be done this year in terms of large projects, that was pending trail inspection starting on Sunday, May 13th.  Pete and Sharon, Steve Catlin, Frank and Maryann inspected the trails which was a good number for various opinions and ideas.  We found, sadly, that the bridge on the 504 trail just off the stud mill needs to be totally replaced.  This bridge has been repaired repeatedly and once we receive the proper permission, we will replace this bridge with steel beams.  

The snowmobile club planned to replace the bridge between the 45,000 and 31-18-0.  It continues to lift from ice and high water.  Half way across, it's a good height difference from one end to the other.  The best way to take care of this issue is to raise the bridge and replace it with steel beams.  

Information on the date for these major repairs will be posted when we know more.  

We discussed club rides, perhaps to Love Lake similar to the one taken 2 years ago.  Any suggestions are welcome, the field is wide open for places to go.  Please contact Maryann or Pete and give us your ideas.  It doesn't have to be an overnighter or a long ride, maybe just going to Machias or somewhere for a picnic.  

We have several T shirts from a Camp CaPella ride, I think one of the first ones, and will be giving them out at the June meeting to any club member who would like one.  We will be discussing whether or not  to have new club T's made up.  Speaking of the Camp CaPella ride, we will not be hosting the event this year.  The club will still make a donation to the camp for Keely's campership.  At this time, it appears that Cindy Wymouth, formerly of the Airline Riders, will try to get her new club interested in it, and we will post if this occurs for those of you interested in going.  

Please be aware of the black flies (Maine State Bird) are out and very hungry!  Be prepared.  Remember to stay off the blueberry fields and report any problem areas to the club so we can attend to them.  

There will still be ample parking behind the Snackbar for riders as always.  They also now have ethanol free gas available.  

Don't forget machine registration is coming up in June, don't get caught out there with an unregistered atv, it could really ruin your day.  Also remember the land owner has posted his land for no machine over 60" overall width and no dirt bikes.  

Ride safely and have a good time. 


POSITION OPEN with ATV Maine  See Details

Congratulations !

Congratulations to Jens Bergen, a member of the Airline Snackbar ATV Club. Mr. Bergen won the raffle for the $400.00 gift card by sending back his ticket that had been sent out in the mail to all the Swamp Donkey members along with his generous donation. Tickets were also sold by Cindy Weymouth of the Airline ATV Riders.

All monies raised through this raffle are going directly to Camp CaPella for camperships, and will help local kids and adults with disabilities have the summer camp experience. We donít have the final tally yet for this fund raising raffle, but to date itís over $700.00 , there are a few more monies coming in.

Thanks so much to all who participated, job well done !

Trails still need brushing out in places, so remember to bring tools the next time you ride and give those old shrubs a good whack.

The Snackbar is holding a raffle at the diner to benefit trailwork for both their snowmobile and atv clubs with trail maintaining. They have a Windham AR 15 Rifle, 5.56/.223cal., approx. value $1,000.00 (inc. tax). Tickets are $10. Each, only 300 will be sold.

Memberships are up to 91 primary households with 12 associate members. Welcome to all new members and renewals !

Please ride safely, and PLEASE, stay on marked trails and out of the waterways and blueberry fields. On our benefit ride, we had a former area rep. of ATV Maine ride off on the blueberry fields on the ride, shame on you, you know better and need to set a better example. NO ONE is exempt from the trail restrictions in place. If they are not followed, we WILL lose trails, thatís not a maybe, itís already been done in places and can and will continu. Itís up to you !!

The club has new t-shirts and hoodies for sale, available for club members at the meeting or at the diner, see Maryann.

Our club meetings are held every second Saturday of the month at the Airline Diner on Rte 9 , 3752 Airline Rd. Beddington. They begin at 6:30 pm. For more information visit or call 546-1179. Feel free to stop by and see what we are all about (You can download a membership application HERE).

As always, there is plenty of parking behind Snackbar. Please be considerate and do not block campsites with trucks or trailers. See you on the trails. Ride safely.

Airline Snackbar ATVers - THE SWAMP DONKEYS

With membership you will receive the latest ATV trail map for the area, compiled by several clubs. The map comes with your paid membership to the club, extra will be available at the diner for $4.95 each.

Several club members rode from Molasses Pond to the Diner by a roundabout way on the 15th and had a great day. The weather was perfect, our trails were well marked. We did manage to find some very rough patches, but survived just fine. A lot of wild life was out and we observed a bald eagle, a hawk, 3 partridges (each in a different location), a mama deer, a baby moose and 2 turtles! We took a picture of the most mysterious sight on our voyage. can you tell what it is?
Click Photos to view larger versions.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

ATV Entering BridgeThis update is about the removal, replacement and rebuilding of what is an Airline Riders Snowmobile bridge on our club trail in Deblois, which also serves as a bridge for atvs on the trail numbered #515 (Acadia club). Our Airline Snackbar Snowmobile and Airline Snackbar ATV clubs worked together on the project as it needed to be widened and repaired.

Work has been going on all summer long, starting with improving the trail approaching the bridge on both sides to accommodate the trucks and equipment used to bring in the 80 foot steel beams, lumber, welders, etc. The bridge crew was there almost every weekend for a couple of months. It was a huge project. We figure the cost of the bridge in materials and hauling fees alone is in the $10,000 range, and that does not include the labor as it was all done by volunteers from the Airline Snackbar Snowmobile Club and the Airline Snackbar ATV Club.

ATV on New BridgeWe thank Ken Jordan and family for their help moving the steel, and Peter Poors, Mike and Marlene Sullivan, Steve Catlin, Frank Janusz, Dave and Kenny for approximately 200 hours of work. I must also mention that the day before the bridge was completed, six riders from the Newport area happened along and jumped right in to help haul lumber before they turned around and headed back! If I have forgotten anyone, let me know and Iíll fix the write-up.

The gates are up and will have a 64 inch wide opening. This should lead to greater access for side-by-side riders while still barring trucks and prohibited vehicles from using the bridge and possibly damaging it.

If you have any comments or questions please contact us at 638-2301(the Diner) or Sharon at 667-2052. Thank you for your patience while construction was underway. Have fun and ride safely.

Trailmaster David Bridges should be able to come back in july so trailmaster Peter Poors went out and got hit by a truck and broke his ankle just to keep up. They met at Frank and Maryanns to talk over strategy !!

Airline Swamp Donkey trail masters consultation!!

Looks like Pete got tired of David getting all the attention with his broken ankle ( heís been healing for 2 years ). He went out and tried to stop a dump truck with his foot. Truck 1, Pete 0. Broken ankle. They were able to get together today at Frank and Maryannís and compare notes and possible return to duty times ! Itíll be a while. We are considering entering them in the sack race (3 legged race) at the next local fair.

What You Don't Want to Do with Your ATV!
Al and Linda Halloran were kind enough to share these pictures with us illustrating what you don't want
to happen with your ATV. Thanks to Danny Farnsworth's help they got unstuck!

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