Airline Lodge and Snackbar, Beddington, ME
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The Airline Snackbar is nestled in the heart of Downeast Maine, 40 miles east of Bangor on Route 9. We are about half-way between Bangor and Calais, approximately 40 miles from Calais to the west and 40 miles from Bangor to the east, near the intersection of Route 9 and Route 193, The Maine Atlas (DeLorme) map 24, A5. Tel: 207-638-2301.


Map of Route to Airline Lodge and Snackbar


“A nice dinner and worth stopping for”

Cold rainy day and this place was nice for a dinner type meal!! Large servings and well cooked. The place was clean and pleasant. Meal was reasonable priced too.

“Oasis in Maine's Far East”

This is not the end of the world -- not nearly. There is wonderful New Brunswick to the East and the gorgeous low-populated rural lands leading to Bangor to the west. It is, more aptly, an oasis in a long stretch with few places to eat, drink, or use the bathroom. As such, it is a nice place for a respite on what might be a long drive between distant points.

I had left Moncton, New Brunswick at dawn, heading to my home in Boston, on what would prove to be an all-day journey. I had stopped at the border without having had breakfast, and was mighty peckish when I saw the welcoming sign of this restaurant. So I stopped in for a bite.

The one-woman show -- waitress, cook, owner, conversationist, hostess, and entertainer all wrapped into one lovely person -- greeted me, took my order, cooked it, and served me. I was appreciative for everything she offered. The conversation was pleasant, the information helpful, the poached eggs, toast, and ham tasty, hot, and well prepared; and the coffee endless. I understood why there seemed to be more people in the place than might have lived in the entire town.

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