Airline Lodge and Snackbar, Beddington, ME
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The Airline Snackbar Motel is open year round. The motel is adjacent to the restaurant, the RV/Camper area, and the convenience store.

Our Motel is Open All Year

Our motel consists of five (5) rooms. Each room has a full bath, air conditioning, TV, and Wi-Fi. Four of the rooms have one single and one double bed. One room has two single beds.

Pricing is $60 per night for two people, $5 per night for each additional person (plus an additional $5 if an added cot is required). Weekly rate is $360. Please call ahead to make sure the rooms are available when you need them.

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The motel entrance is on the left. The restaurant is to the right of the motel. We are on Route 9, half way between Bangor and Calais.
Here is a wider view of the motel and restaurant (the convenience store entrance is to the right of the restaurant).
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