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Aqua Lounge Dock Self-Leveling System
Aqua Lounge Dock with Self Leveling System

Floating Dock
Aqua Lounge Commercial Floating Dock with Cedar Decking

Dock System
Aqua Lounge Dock System

Aqua Lounge Brochure
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Dock AccessoriesDOCK ACCESSORIES Our quality dock sections provide the base for a great dock system, but options and accessories make it yours. Choose any number of our available add-ons and watch the utility of your dock grow by leaps and bounds. Accessories include ladders, benches, wheel kits, stairs, self-leveling systems, dock cleats, kayak racks and more!
Aqua Lounge Dock BenchesBENCHES Our lightweight, durable bench construction allows for easy installation almost anywhere on your dock. Combining aluminum framework with top-quality cedar planking, these benches will look and perform great for years to come.
LaddersLADDERS No dock system is complete without the basic essentials, including a ladder. Designed to bolt anywhere on your dock, these products greatly increase the versatility of your dock system. Built standard with extruded aluminum steps and rubberized grip zones, our ladders will keep you sure-footed getting in or out of the water. 3 step and 4 step models are available.
DELUXE STAIR SYSTEMS Featuring all-aluminum framework, extruded aluminum steps and adjustable corner legs, this system installs easily anywhere on your dock. With a finished look you won’t find from competitive products, our stair system upgrades the versatility of your dock system and the appearance of your shoreline.
Self Leveling Stair SystemSelf-Leveling Stair Systems This self leveling stair system attaches to your dock and moves and adjusts with rising and falling water. Perfect for tidal or dammed bodies of water.

Aqua Lounge Floating Swim Raft
Aqua Lounge 10' X 10' Octagonal Floating Swim Raft

Aqua Lounge Wheel KitWHEEL KITS Our wheel kits are built around rotomolded polyethylene wheels, providing both maximum strength and zero maintenance requirements. Designed with a wide footprint for easy roll-in, these wheels also feature intake holes that allow the wheel to fill with water when submerged, increasing the stability to your dock system. Wheel kits are compatible with all standing dock system products.
Personal Watercraft LiftPERSONAL WATERCRAFT LIFTS Our personal watercraft lifts are the best in the business. Not only do they perform better than the competition, they look great too. With our signature cable-and-pulley winch system, lifting your PWC out of the water is almost effortless.
Personal Watercraft Lift Features:
All aluminum box tube construction
1500# brake winch
1/4” stainless steel cable
Carpeted PWC bunks
Fully-adjustable legs
Aqua Lounge Jet Ski Lift
Aqua Lounge Jet Ski Lift
Aqua Lounge Kayak RacksKAYAK RACKS Aqua Lounge racks offer great versatility. They are fully adjustable and can be mounted on any section of the dock. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate both kayaks and canoes.
Aqua Lounge Self Leveling SystemSELF-LEVELING SYSTEMS Now changing an existing dock from poles to a Self-Leveling System requires no additional hardware. The Aqua Lounge Self-Leveling System is a great addition to any dock configuration. This user-friendly upgrade makes leveling your dock a one man job, and keeps you dry during the process. With a few quick turns, the adjustable legs extend or retract to bring your dock to the perfect height.
Self-Leveling System Features:
Telescoping Legs
Quick-adjust Cross Braces
Easily adjusts while standing on dock
Available in 3 depths: 0-3 ft; 3-6 ft; 6-9 ft
Wheel Kit (Optional - shown above)
24 inch Bumper
24" Bumper

Made in Maine

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Another Style of Roll-in Roll-out Dock System
Another Style of
Roll in-Roll out
Dock System

Aqua Lounge Floating System with Custom Decking
Aqua Lounge Floating System with Custom Decking

Shore End to Stationary System with Optional Deep Water Float
Shore End to
Stationary System
 with Optional Deep
 Water Float

Floating System on Dam Controlled Dead River
Floating System
on Dam Controlled
Dead River

Simple Dock System



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