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Aqua Lounge Dock Self-Leveling System
Aqua Lounge Dock with Self Leveling System

Floating Dock
Aqua Lounge Commercial Floating Dock with Cedar Decking

Dock System
Dock System

Aqua Lounge Brochure
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Aqua Lounge Brochure


Standing Dock SystemsSTANDING DOCK SYSTEMS Combining revolutionary designs with the highest-grade materials and components available on the market today, we have developed a state-of-the-art system that provides quality, strength and most importantly...versatility. Whether you want a standing dock, a floating dock, or both, we can make the dock system that meets your needs. Each of our dock sections is built around aluminum truss-style framing, with fully welded corners for added strength, durability, and a polished look. Aqua Lounge docks are available with removable cedar panels. Our full line comes in both 4 and 5-foot-wide dock sections. Sections are available from 8 to 16 feet in length as well as shore-end ramps and corner sections. Each section can be hooked together to to provide any width or length you are looking for. Each standing dock comes standard with two poles, two feet, dock locks and hardware.
Standard Dock SizesSTANDARD DOCK SIZES Aqua Lounge docks are designed to offer consumers infinite configuration options. In addition to a line of 4’ wide docks, offered by most competitors, Aqua Lounge also produces a series of 5’ wide docks to increase the surface area and versatility of your dock system.
Standard sizes are:
Corner Section 5’(W) x 8’(L)
4’(W) x 8’(L) 5’(W) x 12’(L)
4’(W) x 12’(L) 5’(W) x 16’(L)
4’(W) x 16’(L)    
DECKING OPTIONS With multiple decking styles to choose from, you can customize your dock system surface to compliment your lifestyle and shoreline. We offer 5/4” cedar decking boards. All decking materials are fastened with stainless steel hardware.
Decking Options On page 4 of our Brochure you will find information on our dock locks.



Made in Maine

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Another Style of Roll-in Roll-out Dock System
Another Style of
Roll in-Roll out
Dock System

Aqua Lounge Floating System with Custom Decking
Aqua Lounge Floating System with Custom Decking

Shore End to Stationary System with Optional Deep Water Float
Shore End to
Stationary System
 with Optional Deep
 Water Float

Floating System on Dam Controlled Dead River
Floating System
on Dam Controlled
Dead River

Simple Dock System



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