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Aqua Lounge Dock Self-Leveling System
Aqua Lounge Dock with Self Leveling System

Floating Dock
Aqua Lounge Commercial Floating Dock with Cedar Decking

Dock System
Dock System

Aqua Lounge Brochure
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Aqua Lounge Brochure


The Aqua Lounge WarrantyAQUA LOUNGE WARRANTY The Aqua Lounge commitment to quality extends far beyond the sale. With a fifteen year limited warranty, we stand firmly behind our Aqua Lounge products, to ensure that your dock system performs above your expectations for many years down the road.
Aqualounge 15 Year Limited Warranty15 YEAR WARRANTY
At Aqua Lounge, we offer a 15-year limited warranty on all our aluminum structures and welding. We also offer a warranty of 12 years on SunWalk paneling. This warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship. However, it does not cover products that have been improperly used or damaged accidentally. For more information, please contact an authorized Aqua Lounge or SunWalk representative.

Made in Maine

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Another Style of Roll-in Roll-out Dock System
Another Style of
Roll in-Roll out
Dock System

Aqua Lounge Floating System with Custom Decking
Aqua Lounge Floating System with Custom Decking

Shore End to Stationary System with Optional Deep Water Float
Shore End to
Stationary System
 with Optional Deep
 Water Float

Floating System on Dam Controlled Dead River
Floating System
on Dam Controlled
Dead River

Simple Dock System



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