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Our nonprofit 501(c)(3) historical association is working to restore and save the historic old church building in Great Pond as a community center. It received status in 2012 on the National Register of Historic Places for its significance as a historic landmark for the community. It is the only public building in the town of Great Pond from the second century of settlement which has not undergone substantial alterations. The building and the granite stones were removed to install a new foundation. The building was moved back to the new foundation in preparation for reinstallation of the original granite stones. Current work involves installation of new support structures (sill and floor joists) which were found to be deteriorated, and completion of drainage and landscape. We are seeking $5,000 in funds to complete that phase of the project, as well as reinstallation of the original granite stones.

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Work on the project of restoring this building is made possible in part by grants through the Belvedere Fund Historic Preservation Grants Program of the Maine Community Foundation in cooperation with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission. A grant from the Davis Family Foundation, as well as donations from community and organization members and the town of Great Pond have helped to make this project possible.

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