Work that has been done on the building includes replacement of the roof on the south side of the building, some grounds work around the foundation, and removal of trees on the north side of the building. Lisa Butler submitted application of the property to the Maine Historic Preservation Commission the summer of 2010. In August of 2010 the Commission notified the group that the Church Building was eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, a condition necessary to apply for the Belvedere Grant.

A grant application in 2010 resulted in an award of $10,000 from this group, if a $ 10,000 local match was made. Through continued fundraising efforts and a $2,000 award voted by the town of Great Pond in September 2011, the amount was reached. In September 2011 the group again applied for Belvedere Grant funding, and was awarded an additional $1500 to be used on the foundation project. Bids are being secured for work to begin on the foundation this year. On July 27, 2012, the church building will be considered by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Work on the foundation of the building is the current project, made possible in part by a grant through the Belvedere Fund Historic Preservation Grants Program of the Maine Community Foundation in cooperation with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.

When we met at our annual July 2013 meeting, we were in the middle of our $58,000  "foundation project" on the church building. The project was funded by two grants from the Belvedere Fund through the Maine Community Foundation, The Davis Family Foundation, $2,000 from the Town of Great Pond, donations from members and friends, and fund raising activities. This foundation project involved:

Lifting the building and moving it over - completed
Excavation and drainage work - completed
Pouring the new foundation - completed
Lifting the building back up and moving it onto the foundation - completed
Reinstalling the old granite foundation stones - not completed

Throughout the project Louie Dougherty has served as our volunteer "clerk of the works", assisted ably by Jay Robbins, who supervised our "winterizing" of the building last Fall (on the coldest day ol the year). They both gave generously of their time, expertise, and physical presence throughout this process, and are to be commended! We would not have gotten this far without their generosity of time and spirit!

All went well until it was time to reinstall the large granite blocks in the new foundation. The contractor had not calculated on cutting them as much as was required. They were very rough, uneven stones, and his new estimate was a quite lot higher than the original estimate upon which we based our grant request. The contractor did spend considerable time conferring with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, but his alternate solution did not meet their criteria. Replacing the stones was an integral factor in securing MHPC approval, upon which Belvedere Grant funding is based. Also, when the mover started lifting the building we discovered that one sill had rotted and would have to be replaced before the building could be moved. The building mover went above and beyond the call of duty to help us, keeping the building supported until we could get a temporary sill in place.

The town of Great Pond very generously voted last fall to donate $5,000 toward the stone project. We still have $3,300 grant funding allocated to that part of the project, but we were not successful in receiving any grant funding this year. We have enough to pay for the cutting, but to get the stones installed this year, we need an additional $7,000.

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