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New and Used Appliances for Home or Camp: LP Gas Refrigerator, Monitor Heater, Miller Furnace, LP Gas Heater, LP Gas Hot Water Heater, Electric Water Heater, Brass Fireplace Insert. All used appliances and heaters come with a 30 day warranty. Extended warrantees are available on certain items.  Free delivery up to a 50 mile radius (see map). Delivery negotiable beyond the 50 mile range.

Item 20181

Used Kenmore 700 Series LP Gas Dryer

Model: 110.777616

Asking Price $249.95 + tax

Ventless Logset Heater

1602: Used DESA Cast Iron LPG Vent-less Log Set Heater

Remote control option included $746.70  

Used Toyotomi Oil Miser

159: Used Toyotomi Oil Miser 22. Excellent condition. Has been rebuilt and comes with exhaust, extra parts, and lift pump. Runs on regular heating oil or kerosene.
Asking Price: $1084.50 + tax 

Used Toyotomi Oil Miser

168: Used Toyotomi Oil Miser
Completely rebuilt, comes with vent kit. Runs on Kero or #2 heating oils. 22,000 BTU's. M# OM-22, S# 03440. Asking Price: $1084.50 + tax


Used Empire Non vented Heater

163: Used Empire Non Vented Heater. Model: BF-10-3. Excellent condition. 10,000 BTU's. Asking Price: $329.95

Black Cast Iron Woodstove

142: Woodstove Black Cast Iron. Complete with new firebrick and new door gaskets. Asking Price: $499.95 +tax



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