Winter View of a Meander in a Wilderness Area of Hancock County, Maine
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Search and Rescue Dog Team Training:
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue
  • Air Scent Searches for Missing Persons
  • Tracking or Trailing (Scent Specific)
  • Article or Evidence Search
  • Human Remains Detection on Land or Water
  • Handler Training:
    • Navigation, GPS and Computer Mapping Use, Strategy, Crime Scene Preservation, Legal Aspects, etc.
    • Basic Search and Rescue Dog Handler Course - Online Course
    • Crime Scene Preservation Course (Satisfies International Police Work Dog Association certification requirements) - Online Course
  • K-9 Search Planning and Management

Working Dog Team Training:

  • Basic K-9 Handler’s Course for Maine
  • Basic Working Dog Handler Course - Online Course
  • Scent Discrimination Tracking
  • Basic Tracking
  • Search and Rescue Hasty Search
  • Evidence or Article Search
  • Human Remains Detection

Training for the General Public:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Basic Working Dog Handler Course - Online Course
  • Basic Search and Rescue Dog Handler Course - Online Course
  • Behavior Problems
  • Tracking
  • Coaching in Shutzhund Obedience or Tracking
  • Article Search (a fun game to teach your dog that can be used later to help you find lost articles)

Training can be individualized for each team, according to the team’s schedule and needs.

Training can be in the form of seminars or as actual course work that trains teams from start to finish.


Deborah Palman has also had over 30 years experience in the wilderness K-9 search and rescue field from the ground search level to the organization and planning of searches. She would be happy to provide information or advice on the use and capabilities of wilderness search and rescue dogs and how SAR organizations work and respond to SAR incidents.
"To Whom It May Concern
Re: Deborah Palman, Maine K-9 Services
On the afternoon of Sept. 7, 2010, my mother Beth Upton went missing on a hike in the woods near her home in Waterville Valley, NH. After an exhaustive 10 day search led by the NH Fish & Game with over 200 professionals & volunteers, my mother could not be found.
Seeking to continue the search on my own, I was referred to Deborah Palman. She made the 5 hour drive from Maine to Waterville Valley, NH, and continued to search with her 2 German Shepherds, Alec & Quinni.
Deborah is a true professional. She uses GPS technology, studies maps of previous searches, and works closely with local & state officials. She takes nothing for granted, and is most willing to follow any lead, no matter the source.
Because of her 30 year career as a Maine Game Warden, Deborah is especially skilled at reading the woods. In the end, finding my mother proved to be an extremely difficult case. Deborah would not give up.
She soldiered on for hours in pouring rain and cold weather. Because of her determination, my mother was found by her when all others had given up hope. We are humbled by her compassion and professionalism.
It goes without saying we feel that she is the sole reason my mother was found. I highly recommend Deborah and her services for any search situation.
  Diane Best (Daughter
of Beth Upton) and
Christopher Lawrence"

spacerFire Running
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SAR Dog Fire, with handler Rhonda Hulan, trained with Maine K-9 Services during 2016 and 2017. They first certified as a New Brunswick (Canada) SAR dog team in the fall of 2016 and passed an Urban Tracking test with the RCMP as part of their SAR team renewal in 2017

Thanks to the seminar and IPWDA testing sponsors who made 2016 successful:

Teams from Resources in Search and Rescue

The Flathead County, MT Search and Rescue Dog Teams

Massasauga Search and Rescue

Maine Search and Rescue Dogs

During 2017, Deborah Palman and K-9 Raven renewed their Water Search certification at the IPWDA Nationals in North Carolina, their Wilderness Air Scent Certification with MESARD and their Cadaver Detection Certification with the USPCA.

In 2016, Deborah Palman and K-9 Raven were certified through IPWDA as a Crime Scene Human Remains Search team and by the USPCA as a Cadaver Detection Team. Two Narcotics Detection teams trained by Maine K-9 Services were certified by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in 2015 and 2016: Charles Loring and K-9 Koda from the Penobscot Nation Police Dept. and Shawn Hastings and K-9 Riggs from the Passamaquoddy Dept. of Public Safety.


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