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The American Flag and Eagle.Survival and Rescue Training and Consulting, SARTAC, offers Survival Training, Rescue Training, Emergency Management Training, Training Program Design and Management, Jurisdictional Risk Assessment, and Standards Compliance Consulting and Firearms Training. Established in January 2003, SARTAC is the realization of a dream that began in 1981 when six volunteer firemen in N.Y. took a highly motivated young man under their wings and trained him in rescue, structural firefighting and leadership. That was the beginning of a continually evolving career and deep desire to learn everything there is to know about Search and Rescue and the many disciplines involved in Emergency Response.

Survival and Rescue Training and Consulting is founded on a lifetime of civilian Emergency Response training and experience, along with more than ten years of U.S. Air Force Survival and Rescue training. This extensive training and experience provides the foundation and the ability to train anyone, anytime. My goal is to give back to my fellow Emergency Responders and civilians alike, what so many have given to me.

The Survival and Land Navigation Academy and Emergency Management Programs offered by SARTAC are designed for the civilian and highly trained Emergency Response professional looking for new skills or an opportunity to sharpen old skills. All will be challenged to a new level. Along with a changing world, this organization will expand to meet the new Homeland Defense needs of the Professional (Volunteer and Paid) Emergency Responders and civilians with two new tracks of training coming soon.

Handgun Tune Up!
Perhaps you haven't shot in a while, would like to brush up on your marksmanship or be more comfortable with your concealed carry permit. Why not spend some time with a Firearms and Tactics Instructor! Click Here for details.
Applied Concealed Carry Techniques and Tactics.
This course is for those who have taken the Concealed Carry Course and want to hone their skills and gain more confidence in defending themselves. Call (413) 530-2736 for additional info.
Combined Disaster Preparedness, Survival and Wilderness First Aid
Classes to be scheduled.  Call (413) 530-2736 for additional
information, course specifics, dates and cost.
Training Course Listings and Information
Visit our Training Page for more training course listings and information.
Effective Immediately: Due to some recent industry wide serious range safety issues, all trigger finger actuated release style holsters are banned until further notice from all SARTAC firearms training courses. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but Safety is SARTAC's most important responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.
Wayne LaPierreWayne LaPierre addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. where he fires up the crowd and calls on America's gun owners to defeat Barack Obama in 2012. Watch the video. The Second Amendment is more than the ability to defend ourselves from common criminals and thugs. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America elaborates. Watch the video. Sheriff Richard MackSheriff Richard Mack on changing unconstitutional
gun laws.
Watch the video.
"SARTAC is a Veteran Owned, Oath Keeping, Constitution Abiding, God Fearing, Christian Training and Consulting Company. All training is fully Constitution Compliant. We Comply with all Constitutional laws as deemed Constitutional by the United States Constitution, the Highest Law of the Land." We thank you for your Business.

Search and Rescue Training and Consulting

Mission Statement:

To provide the highest quality consultation and training in survival and rescue related operations to all persons, organizations and agencies interested in enhancing their skill, knowledge or operational readiness. This is my personal pledge to you my fellow Emergency Responders and Citizens.

Paul E. Marsters, AS
Survival and Rescue Specialist


The Ultimate Goal: “That Others May Live”

Heroes of 911: Rick Rescorla Memorial

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