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Big game hunting is our specialty and guiding is our full time livelihood. But most importantly, outfitting and guiding is not a job to us - it is our passion!

OUR COMMITMENT:  We take our guiding seriously. We are committed to giving every one of our hunters the hunt of a lifetime, one to enjoy and always remember. Our goal is to make your hunting trip safe, productive and memorable. We hope to make it the best hunt and vacation you have ever had.

 THE OLD DOGS  from Outdoor Life by
Alex Robinson and Aaron Binaco

North American Hunting Club Approved Member, New Brunswick Outfitters Association Maine Professional Guides Association Member, Sportsman's Alliance of Maine
North American Hunting Club Approved Member, New Brunswick Outfitters Association Member, Maine Professional Guides Association Member, Sportsman's Alliance of Maine
Watch a brief overview of Stony Brook Outfitters' operations in Maine and Canada, specializing in bear, deer, moose and bobcat hunting in Maine and spring bear hunts in New Brunswick, Canada.

A Successful Bobcat Hunt
What You Can Expect on your Hunts:

  check Professional, knowledgeable, competent guides and staff.
  check Active, registered, pre-baited black bear bait sites.
  check Dependable transportation to and from your bait sites.
  check No gate or hidden fees.
  check Top notch, proven bear and bobcat hounds.
  check Clean, comfortable, first class accommodations.
  check Personalized service - We will know you by name - not a number.
  check Proven bear bait.
  check Professional, skilled skinning services.
  check Unmatched quality and quantity of food and deserts.

Hunter to Guide Ratios
Maine Hunts
North American Hunting
Club Approved
Although there is no limit on the number of black bear hunters a guide can put out on stand, we choose to limit our hunter to guide ratio to 5 to 1. We reserve this same ratio for our white tail deer hunts. The moose hunt is a 1 to 1 ratio unless there is a sub-permitee, which raises that ratio to 2 to 1. The State of Maine has an established limit of 5 to 1 on black bear hound hunts, but we personalize our hunt by limiting our ratio of 2 to 1. In addition, although the state has set no limit, we limit our bobcat hunts with dogs to this same 2 to 1 ratio.

New Brunswick Hunts

We abide by the established 3 to 1 ratio set by New Brunswick law on our Spring black bear hunts. Our self-imposed ratios ensure that we are able to enhance the hunting experience and make sure that the hunter is receiving the personalized service we are known for.
Stony Brook has been an approved outfitter by the NAHC since 1997 and has consistently had more recommendation reports each year than any other guide or outfitter in Maine or New Brunswick.
A Cut Above The Rest

We have been catering to bear, deer, moose and bobcat hunters since 1980. We take pride in providing a rewarding and successful hunting experience. We take you to where the game is – no matter what the cost. Our bear stands are strategically located in prime bear territory. We scout out active scrapes and rubs for our deer hunters and keep a keen eye open for areas where the bull moose like to feed. We will travel wherever necessary to optimize the best snow conditions for our bobcat hunts.
Licenses and Permits
Stony Brook Outfitters sells you your licenses and permits right at the lodges. You do not have to go out to a store or worry about having to apply for a draw for your Black Bear, White Tail Deer, or Bobcat hunting licenses, as these are available right at Stony Brook Lodge when you arrive. Moose hunting licenses are an exception, as this hunt requires a Lottery draw controlled by the State of Maine. New Brunswick Spring black bear hunting licenses are also available right at the lodge as well. Fishing licenses are also available at the same time.

All firearms must be registered at the Canadian Border at a cost of $25 Canadian using the Non-resident firearm Declaration. To download the form, type in the following URL or click on this link:
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