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Hunt & Fish with Confidence in Maine and New Brunswick!
Rates - Stony Brook Lodge - Maine
2017 Maine Rates - U.S. Dollars
Per Person
Bear Hunt with Hounds
September - October $2350
Bear Hunt over Bait
September $1850
Deer Hunt - Guided
November Firearm Season $850
Deer Hunt - Unguided
October - November $750
Bobcat Hunt
December - January $2150
Moose Hunt (by Permit System)
Permittee $2150
Sub-Permittee $1000
All above packages (except unguided deer hunts) include meals, lodging, travel to and from hunting areas and guides.
Non-hunting Companions
September - January $800

Non-Refundable Deposits
U.S. Dollars - Per Person
Bear over Bait $900
at booking
Bear or Bobcat with Dogs $1150
at booking
Moose $1000
at booking
Deer $300
at booking
Other $200
at booking

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