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Simeon Williams Grandson of Joshua
circa 1885


This web site is dedicated to the memory of Joshua Williams, founder of Great Pond, Maine and his many descendants.

You can help to make the Williams Family Reunion web site an informative and entertaining place for us all to visit. Send us stories and tales you heard from the "old folks," before those wonderful stories are lost in the passage of time. Share historical accounts that give us a taste of what life was like "back then." Send pictures, letters, poems, early sermons, copies of old documents and anecdotes. Please share what perhaps only you have or know,  before it is too late.

Contact us if you have something you would like to share. Click here for contact information or simply send us an email with your story, anecdote, document or photograph to gponda@yahoo.com. We'll get your material on the web site right away.

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