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Archer Williams
circa 1880

Stories & Tales

Stories, Tales, & Anecdotes of all sorts appear on this page. Please contact us if you have stories and tales that you might have heard from your Mom, Dad, an Uncle, an Aunt, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, an acquaintance,  etc. Let's not lose any more of those wonderful stories of the early days and our ancestors than have have already been lost. We would like to preserve and share the stories and memories that give each of us a sense of personal history.

Contact us if you have a story you would like to share, or just type the story into an email message and send it to gponda@yahoo.com. Serious stories, as well as humorous stories and stories of everyday life and childhood and are welcome.

Click on the title below and the story will pop up for you to read:

Canoe Trip to Brandy Pond
This is a story that you might not want to tell in church. But after all, boys will be boys!

A Barber Shop Story from the Old Days
Here is a yarn from the old days contributed
by Mary Bragg

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